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Class Styles

Restorative yin yoga is great for you join health.


Yin is a restorative class that ups your yoga bliss level to an 11. Postures are held for 3 – 7 minutes each and class usually lasts 60 minutes. In particular, this class targets connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, and fascia) and is extremely beneficial for anyone with join health issues.


We take it slow! You will get all the stretchy goodness in each of these classes which bring awareness to your breath and body. Foundational yoga postures will be covered one-by-one and will prepare you to move into other styles of classes if you so desire.

Gentle yoga is mindful.
Downward facing dog is a common pose in community yoga class.


Community classes take the Gentle level up a notch. You’ll definitely get warm and start to flow between postures. Still accessible to anyone, even those who have never done yoga before. Get ready to MOVE!


You know what chaturanga, pranayama, and savasana mean. This is not your first rodeo. In intermediate classes you will build internal heat! Find new ways to challenge yourself by learning arm balances and increasing the intensity of your practice.

If you have never taken a vinyasa flow class and don’t know what a chaturanga is, start with Community or Gentle level classes to build strength, learn proper form, and increase the body awareness necessary for Intermediate and above.

Learn how to stand on your head!
Advanced classes allow you to bring your arm balance practice into a flow.


You have a mean chaturanga, can flow into hurdlers pose, and want the opportunity to get upside down (handstands or headstands) in every class. This is your jam.


When you need to build strength, but the idea of sitting on the floor is laughable. When you need to practice balance, but picking up one foot seems impossible. When you need to learn how to move again, but you also need support. This is the class for you. Usually 30 minutes long, gentle and challenging at the same time.

Chair yoga is a great way to start your journey towards mobility and greater health.